Of Scottish Kilts and Ugandan Kanzus

kanzu many

The Scottish are well known for their traditional kilt and the ‘under garments’ that are worn (or not worn!) with them. There is a history behind this garment and it’s also a fashion statement by the Scottish and non-Scottish alike. In Uganda there are men who were garments, similar to but not identical to kilts or skirts. It is the kanzu (tunic) of Uganda. A kanzu is a white or cream coloured robe worn by men in the African Great Lakes region. It is referred to as a tunic in English. It is an ankle or floor length garment. The Ugandan kanzu was introduced by Arab traders. It is worn at wedding ceremonies during the introduction of the bride, also known as the Kwanjula. During the Kwanjula the groom’s family is required to appear dressed in kanzu and they must also present a kanzu to the bride’s family. The kanzu is worn with a suit jacket, blazer, or sport coat.


So, MOCCA Mums, if your future son in law appears in a dashing, long white tunic when asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage, you’ll have one less question to ask!


(Photo credit New Vision)