Exploring beyond USA for The Perfect Donut

donutFirst there was Dunkin’ Donuts, then there was Krispy Kreme. Too many yummy donuts later, we decided to stop by in Africa.  Then donuts weren’t just donuts, they became addictive, home-made, tasty, tummy-warming, very, very tasty, donuts.  These donuts are sweet but not sticky sweet. The art of making donuts in Africa is based on simple ingredients – flour, water, yeast, a little sugar and a touch of spice (vanilla or cinnamon or nutmeg…). Simple ingredients but there’s something different about these donuts. Something that will make you dream of having them again and again; with a hot drink in the winter or a refreshing cocktail in the summer.

In Africa each country has it’s own donut recipe and a local name. It’s a street food staple and a breakfast must have.

Here’s a tried and tested recipe of the perfect Ghanaian donut. Warning – it’s good. very good.


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Photo credit This African Cooks