No Woman, No Cry – Meaning Revealed


73 years ago today a legend was born. His name was Robert ‘Bob’ Nesta Marley. Of his countless hits there’s one that resonates in most, if not all women, without even understanding the deeper meaning behind the lyrics. No Woman No Cry.

Our team did some research and dug up one credible interpretation of the lyrics.

No Woman, No Cry is a love song based on Bob Marley’s relationship with his wife, Rita. The song makes nostalgic references to their life together in the impoverished neighborhood of Trench Town, in Kingston, Jamaica. Bob and Rita endured hard times in their early years together before Marley had any major success. Bob often traveled to make a living which caused Rita the pain of being without her husband. The song’s title and chorus “no woman, no cry” is the main source of confusion. The phrase actually means “no woman, don’t cry” in the dialect of English that Marley spoke, known as Jamaican Patois.

This meaning humanizes a legend. It also reveals the endurance and the strength of women when faced with relationship challenges.

MOCCA Mums, will the next generation of girls be honored to rock away to Bob Marley’s greatest ballads? What are they currently listening to?

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