Public Shootings – Preparing for the Unknown

tea-lights-2223898_1280Public shooters may have pre-determined targets but the ultimate victims may be random. No one is shielded from this modern day tragedy. As parents or carers, giving our children a Plan* doesn’t guarantee their safety but it may ease the anxiety that hits us every morning when we say goodbye to them.

Plan* – In an emergency put on your thinking C.A.P. P.-

  1. C Try to remain calm. It’s natural to panic but this causes emotional and not thoughtful reactions.
  2. A If possible alert  emergency services and others.
  3. P Have a plan of what to do (learnt from drills, training, etc.) and pray.


*This plan is based on our personal reflections at MOCCA Mums and practical advice from WikiHow. It is not meant to provide professional advice.

Photo credit – Adoptive Families