A One Night Affair with Black Panther


There is meme-fever on social media platforms, there’s an afro-futurist buzz in the air and afro-fashion is boldly taking over the catwalk. It’s all because of Black Panther. There’s one particular meme worth writing about.

“We are excited about this movie because we are tired of seeing our people portrayed as drug addicts, coons, confrontational, stupid, poor, violent, slaves, prisoners and ghetto.”

Valid and accurate.

Without raining on our own parade, there is something rather anti-climatic about box office hits. We get excited, we dress to the nines and we queue up at the cinema with butterflies and great expectations. Usually the movie doesn’t disappoint. There’s passion. Lots of it. The curtain drops, we applaud unapologetic-ally and try to contain our hearts (and feet!) bursting with pride. But the morning after it’s back to business as usual. We don’t know if last night’s love affair will bring forth “new life”. It’s back to business as usual.

Will business as usual mean more Hollywood hits with little or no minority representation? When will Black Panther and all the life it’s given us become part of the rule and not the euphoric exception?

Whilst we wait for change, let’s enjoy the thrill of this very promising, not-so-naughty one night affair.

Photo credit – Glamour