Do we have to praise our girls twice as much whilst they ‘work twice as hard’?

homeowrkThe “ride” in the playground called “parenting” reminds us  of a swing.  Your child does something brilliant and you heap her with praises. You are on a ‘parenting high’ and your daughter is literally soaring with pride!  Wise folks and nosy-parkers rear their  heads and remark “too much praise isn’t good, it’ll get to her head, tougher is better…“. Your child does something disappointing and the experts step in to exclaim “positive parenting is the way to go, they need encouragement and compliments in order to thrive so they grow up with a healthy self-image!” Parenting low.


As parents where exactly do we stop on this fast moving ‘swing’, to get it right and also to enjoy the “ride” (parenting experience)?
There is this long held belief that children of color are expected to work twice as hard to achieve the bare minimum. This belief is a hot topic and we will expand on it at a later date, but for now, what’s certain is that this double pressure we, MOCCA Mums, may be putting on our girls could be advantageous, if and only if we focus on the process and the effort they should make to work harder and not just on the outcome we parents desire.
MOCCA Mums, thoughts, experiences, please do share.
Photo credit healthzoneng