The Cultural Spectrum (I) – Mixed Race Perspectives


The beauty of girls of color is that they fall within an indefinite cultural spectrum. This spectrum is not just about shades of skin but rather about shades of challenges and perspectives and experiences. An African American from the South will have a different experience from one from the West Coast. A Ghanaian girl will have a different perspective from a Togolese. The same applies to two girls of mixed races.

Girls of mixed heritage and races have added a very rich discourse to this cultural spectrum. They have redefined the importance of diversity (acknowledging differences, heterogeneity) whilst highlighting the feasibility of equality (not seeing differences, homogeneity). Combining both diversity and equality is possible, but, like anything beautiful it doesn’t come without its challenges.

Let’s look at our top 7 mixed heritage challenges and see what solutions we can offer.

  1. Answering the question, “what are you?” on paper or face to face.
  2. Listening to people argue over which ethnicity or parent you look like the most.
  3. Hair being too thick for high street salons and too thin for afro hair shops. Finding the right salon.
  4. Not being able to speak all of the languages with the same proficiency.
  5. Reacting to awestruck or polite comments from people who try to be politically correct about dual heritage and reacting to racist comments.
  6. When you’ve got hair from a bunch of cultures on one head, it’s extremely difficult to find the right conditioner.
  7. Never fully fitting in with either side.

From a MOCCA Mums perspective there is only one solution to all these challenges – it’s confidence. That is the essence of MOCCA Mums. Creating awesomeness, confidence in our girls. If we teach our girls to love and fully accept themselves – they wouldn’t feel the pressure to provide the “perfect” answer or be the “perfect” person, neither will they feel the need to justify their dual heritage. Rather, they would be proud about embracing who they are un-apologetically. In the unfortunate case of being rejected in one situation we suggest – “love those who love you“. There is always enough love to go around.

Never ignore someone (else) who loves and cares about you because one day you may realize you lost the moon while counting stars.” ― John O’Callaghan

Photo credit – hubpages