“For every girl with potential. From every parent who believes in her” – My Book of Awesomeness

Do you know a girl?

A girl with so much potential?

She may be unaware of her greatness,

Unaware of her beauty,

Unaware of her awesomeness!

But you’ve always believed in her.

Prepare her for greatness today.

Gift her with her very own Book of Awesomeness!

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Summary of My Book of Awesomeness:

My Book of Awesomeness! is every girl’s companion on the journey towards self-love. It’s a diary, a photo-book, a coloring book, a dictionary of positive affirmations and an activity book—all in one. It provides young girls with the space to learn more about themselves and gives them the tools to boost their confidence, self-esteem and verbal skills. It helps girls develop a healthy sense of identity and other qualities that will take them from being competent to awesome! There are over 100 activities, questions and new words that will keep babies, toddlers, and tweens entertained, busy and stimulated. My Book of Awesomeness! holds every girl’s amazing stories, big dreams, creative ideas and favorite photos.

Age Range: babies to tweens (0 to 12 years)

What’s inside My Book of Awesomeness!:

  1. dictionary of positive affirmations – boosts verbal acumen and develops literacy skills
  2. inspirational, positive affirmation quotes- encourages a positive mind-set, develops self-confidence and esteem
  3. diary activity pages – promotes mindfulness, self-discipline, communication skills
  4. photo pages – a space for leaving photos and souvenirs based on positive affirmation theme
  5. coloring book – provides an outlet for dealing with emotions, practises fine motor skills and creativity
  6. themed questions and activities – encourages introspection, unlocks creativity in young minds and a starting point for family discussions or games
  7. lots of space for free, creative expression (drawing, writing, coloring, doodling…)

All activities have instructions for younger girls and are open-ending for older girls who want to own their book and use it as they wish.