The Gold That Lies Beneath Solitude

As much as we love to see how happy our daughters are when they are surrounded by friends – playing, chatting or getting up to mischief, there is one thing every wise parent wishes for. Every wise parent, who has learnt some of life’s hard lessons knows that solitude is like bronze, friendship is silver and having the right balance between enjoying your own company and being surrounded good friends is gold. Solitude. A word often linked to sadness, but, beneath it lies strength of character, gradually forming, when our girls learn to enjoy their own company.

Solitude is a necessary and important part of our humanity. It is also an important part of the creative process. Paying attention to the time when we need to withdraw is the ultimate sign of self-preservation and self-love. If children ignore these times they may not, in the future, be able to offer the very best version of themselves  as an individual, a partner in a relationship, an employee or friend.

MOCCA Mums, what activities, events or initiatives are we getting our girls involved in to encourage them to be independent or have “me-time“;¬†to encourage introspection, creativity and self-love?

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