Ankara Accessories – For The Eclectic Minimalist

Yesterday the first African nation to gain its independence from colonial rule celebrated 61 years of independence. Back then it was known as the Gold Coast today it is Ghana. Ghana, like many other African countries, has brought numerous flavours, trends and pioneering ideas to Western countries but when it comes to fashion She (Ghana) stands out*. Decades after the heyday of kente came modern Ankara accessories.

Ankara, commonly known as “Dutch wax”, is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs. Ankara print fabrics are made through an Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique called batik. In this technique, methods are used to “resist” the dye from reaching all the cloth, thereby creating a pattern.


What makes Ankara so versatile is that it can be and is being used to make literally any clothing accessory for girls, boys, men and women. This is perfect for those in colder climates where it may not be ideal to step out in a head-to-toe bright yellow Ankara dress in Winter. A little Ankara earring or necklace there, a little Ankara bag or belt there and voila!  Whether you dress to make a cultural or fashion statement Ankara is the perfect accessory option for those with eclectic yet minimalist taste.

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