Who Are You?

There is a meme that reads:

  • Look like a girl,
  • Act like a lady,
  • Think like a man and 
  • Work like a boss.

At first glace, it sounds socially acceptable and accurate. Is it personally acceptable and accurate? If you look like a girl, can you act like a man? If you act like a lady can you or will you work like a boss? …? …? Who are you? Who are we?

Being a woman is a very, very complex and multi-faceted role but from 9 to 5, morning until bed time and weekday to weekend it is executed with matchless ease and finesse (well, that’s how it “looks”). The best definition to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day is that there should no definition, no boxes, no boundaries, no expectations, no pressure.  Women just have to be.

Happy International Women’s Day to all you amazing women. Let’s continue to inspire future women (younger girls) to create awesomeness.