Story Time By Me – A Must Have Activity Book For Kids

When it comes to academics, there has been a focus on children being able to read and write. There is, thankfully increasing recognition and growing evidence that the very basics of communication – rooted in story telling, is equally, if not fundamental to early years development.


  1. Being able to tell a story increases self-esteem, poise and self confidence.
  2. Storytelling is an inclusive activity, unlike some arts or sports, everyone can join in, regardless of ability.
  3. Storytelling encourages creative writing, stimulates inventive thinking and imagination. Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Studies have shown that creative people have more white matter and better-connected brains. Creativity is nurtured with practice and experience.
  4. Telling stories instills a love of language in children and motivates them to read.
  5. … and it is fun!

The book Story Time by Me is the perfect activity book for toddlers, tweens and even teens who enjoy a little challenge and some fun whilst exercising their creative story telling skills. 50 pages of activity and fun, this book is currently being sold at $10 / £7.50. It is available on Amazon USA, UK and Europe.  Click here to order your copy. Let’s take advantage of key moments in a child’s literacy development and let them have fun as they learn!