Yesterday’s and Tomorrow’s Story Tellers Around the World

Jean de La Fontaine’s  Aesop fables are undeniably one of the  greatest and most popular poetic animal folktales. In other continents,  in the beautiful Akan villages in Ghana and in the soil rich Blue Mountaints of Jamaica, a spider, known as Ananse has been entertaining and educating children for centuries, if not more. What about Coyote, the trickster of many Native American folktales? His stories are told from the Pacific Northwest all the way to Central Mexico. As the culture hero, Coyote has magical powers of transformation, resurrection, and “medicine”. Then there are the well-loved Brer Rabbit stories whose origins span from North America to Sub Saharan Africa.

What will be the next generation equivalent to Fontaine, Coyote, Brer Rabbit and Ananse? Will there ever be an equivalent? Who will be the authors? Your son or daughter may very well be or may not be the next de la Fontaine or Ananse folk teller; but they have equally amazing and entertaining stories to tell. Like all skills, story telling requires practice and more practice.

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