Spring Cleaning to create Awesomeness

Spring is here! Amidst the cleaning-out, the planting and the planning we sometimes forget what to do about us: our minds, our habits, our followers, our goals; us. Taking care of ourselves is harder than it seems, not to mention when we also have younger ones to take care of at the same time. During this formidable juggling act of parenting and doing us, flashbacks of the past may reappear. Things we said that we regret, costly decisions that we’re still paying for and awkward moments that can never be erased…  . Rather than facing these bitter lessons head-on, we may easily slip back into the older, more comfortable ways.  Then came a timely reminder from Emily Maroutian:

“Just because you’re in the process of bettering yourself doesn’t mean there won’t be times when you make questionable choices, respond out of character, lack proper communication, or let negativity get the best of yourself. That’s all a part of the process of becoming better. How else would you know what needs cleaning up if you don’t stand in your mess every once in a while?” – Emily Maroutian, The Book of Relief: Passages and Exercises to Relieve Negative Emotion and Create More Ease in The Body.

MOCCA Mums, remember the frustration you felt when surrounded by a noisy house  and a messy home? Then moments later there’s that rare, amazing feeling after a good clean up session and you sit idly and peacefully on your sofa with a refreshing, cold drink? As Emily rightly suggests, the taste of success is always better once you’ve stood in your “mess”. With this analogy in mind, let’s reflect on the past and see how we can continue to be amazing women, mothers and carers, creating awesomeness. 


Photo credit – Dreamstime.com