Wearing a Night Head Scarf – The How, The Why and the Beauty of It.

Styling a little girls hair that’s full of beautiful kinks and curls sounds adorable but it can be it can be hard work. If her hair is too thick it’s a literally a lot of work. If it’s too thin her hair never seems “enough” and you may often struggle to nail the look you have in mind. What all girls have in common is that .generally their hair often “gets frizzy after a few days of styling and busy mums and carers don’t have the time (and patience) to style it again, for another few days, and then again…

The solution is easy – give her the gift she’ll use for a lifetime – a night head scarf. But the head scarf may not stay on for the whole night because it’s too lose and falls off or its too tight and she takes it off or she just doesn’t want to wear it. Hard, hard life!

Here are some tips on how to sell the idea of a night scarf to your daughter, how to make it stay on at night and finally, but most importantly, how to make it work.

Sell the idea and make it stay on – It’s normal for any toddler or pre-teen to dread wearing a plain scarf routinely before bed. After all, her day job is to say “No, no, no” to every reasonable request. And moreover, where are the stars and hearts on the scarf? Too plain. “No, no, no”. Why not take her out on a “Princess Scarf Shopping Treat”. We use capitals because you’ve got to make this trip sound as important and as special as possible. Use all the selling techniques to make her feel unique and make the scarf feel like a privilege bestowed only onto awesome girls like her.  Let her choose the colour she wants. Let her decide the “secret hiding place” for the scarf during the day. And, guaranteed, by bed time she’ll want to announce to the world that she is about to use her Princess Head Scarf! Sold!

Make it  work – Check that the scarf you pick is the right texture. A silk scarf is the best option. It doesn’t absorb the moisture out of your hair like cotton or other materials would. Neither does it pull the hair, encouraging less breakage and eventually hair growth. Do not wear the scarf too tight. This would defeat the purpose of wearing a head scarf because along with headaches it can cause the hair to pull and break. Instead, try different wrapping techniques depending on the hair style and head shape. The knot can be at the top, back or side. What’s important is that it is firmly tied but doesn’t leave indentations on the forehead.

Headscarves at night aren’t particularly appealing, aesthetically, but they are staple for every girl and woman of colour who wants to save time and money whilst maintaining a fresh hair do.

Wearing a night scarf had its 30 seconds of glory in the epic scene in This Is Us when Randall (Sterling K Brown) made it clear to Deja’s mom that a headscarf goes hand in hand with marrying a Black Queen, his wife. An epic ode to all girls (future Queens) who may dread their curls and the sometimes painful responsibilities that come with it.

Watch the Scene From This is Us here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AflvesYLvU

Photo Credit – Pinterest