Happy Father’s Day Mom! Mom?

Word has it that entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the growing trend of single motherhood on Father’s Day. Cards that read Happy Father’s Day Mom! are on sale and are selling out. Happy Father’s Day Mom! Mom?

Commercially ingenious. Brilliant business strategy. Sky high profits guaranteed. But is it fair? Should mothers who bear the burden of a missing father be celebrated on Father’s Day? Should single mothers be honored twice a year? What defines a father? The answer may seem obvious (nature (biological) and/or nurture (raising) ) but the reality is complex. Several successful men and women have shown that the absence of a biological father wasn’t an obstacle to their success. Here are a few examples.

The US Census Bureau reports that today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.2 million — are being raised without a father.3 Single parent homes are on the rise and business is moving with the times. But there are 2 potential pitfalls. (1) Redefining Father’s Day as a day for mothers feeds the steady yet seismic emasculation of the male/father figure. Pop culture is infamous for phrases such as “dead beat dad” and “baby daddy“. Words, like celebrations, send out subtle but poignant messages to future parents about the value of each parent’s contribution. Single mothers, undoubtedly deserve double praise but celebrating them on Father’s Day wouldn’t be a catalyst for positive, future change, it may rather assist in perpetuating the status quo. (2) This modern celebration derides, simplifies and generalises the complexity of each individual, private home situation. Each home should be entitled to choose whether to celebrate or not and how. It’s a private matter. What rather should be brought to the public forefront are strategies and policies that would help to strengthen the home and raise awesome children.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are in a way similar to Valentines Day, the day which singles and some couples dread. Stores, businesses and restaurants are inundated with so many superficial commercial ads, products and services that we end up overlooking the day to day realities, challenges and complexities of intimate relationships. Father’s Day for Single Moms has valid arguments but creates two potential pitfalls.

MOCCA Mums. Thoughts?

These somber reflections should in no way put a damper on Sunday’s Father’s Day celebrations. MOCCA Mums wishes all amazing dads a Happy Father’s Day!

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