Three Gifts To My Daughter

What 3 (non-material) gifts would you give your daughter? Comment and share

Every mum or carer knows that birthday and other presents are for that short-lived joy: the joy of knowing that you’ve chosen the ‘perfect’ gift and the joy of seeing your child enjoy and use her gift for a few weeks, at times 1 day or even 5 minutes (sigh). But there are other gifts we can’t put a figure or a finger on. They are values, lessons, skills… We work hard to instil these gifts in our kids every day but we never really when or if they will one day materialise. Here are the 3 things we at MOCCA Mums agree that we work on daily and hope to gift to our daughters.

1. Wisdom to know that life will not always be fair.

2. Confidence to know that she is awesome and capable.

3. Compassion to love but strength not to be hurt.

What 3 gifts would you give your daughter (or son)? Comment and share.

Photo credit – Intelligence Is Sexy